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Who is Sing! Choirs Musical Director?

Kathryn Rowland lead all choirs in the Sing! Choirs family, and has a wealth of experience of bringing groups together to make music.  You can read more about Kathryn here.

What kind of music do you sing?

We sing a great range of pop, rock and songs from the shows, all expertly arranged by Sing! Choirs very own arranger Jason Rowland.  You can read more about Jason here.  Doing our own arrangements means that it works for your choir, and the voices in your choir, and many of the songs we do are requests from choir members, so look out for the “Song Request Sheet” in rehearsals to put down those ideas.

Will I have to sing in front of everybody?

You will sing with everybody – that is the great thing about Sing! Choirs.  You will be singing together with your section.

Do I have to perform?

Everyone is invited to perform, but there is no pressure to perform.  Regardless of how long you have been in Sing! Choirs you will be given the information about each performance, and we have methods of getting you all up to date with the songs that we sing, and remembering that you will be singing with your section, and be supported by them as a newer member.

Does it matter if I can’t do all the performances?

The great way about how Sing! Choirs puts together it’s schedule is that you can pick and choose, and with such a wide variety of events to choose from you will still get those amazing experiences.

Do I need to be able to read music?

Definitely not – whilst we give out the music and words, you don’t need to be able to read the music.

Do I have to audition to become a member?

There are no auditions for Sing! Choirs – if you love singing then you will be a welcome member!