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Sing! Choirs TOUR 2016

In August 2016 we visited Ribe, Denmark, a lovely place that is twinned with Ely.  We had an amazing time singing in beautiful settings, as well as singing with a choir there called "Sing'n'Swing" who have since been back to Ely to visit us.

Sing! Choirs singing together with Sing'n'Swing, over 100 singers!
Sing! Choirs singing at the Immigration Centre near Ribe
The Bench Ladies! from Sing! Choirs
Sing! Choirs MD receiving flowers at end of concert
New Tour Logo created by Sing! Choirs MD
Even sockets are happy in Denmark!
The Lovely Yellow Bus that took us to our concerts around Ribe
The Two MD's!
Sing! Choirs singing at St Catherine's Church, Ribe, Denmark
Sing! Choirs members so sad to be going home after such an amazing time!
A bench in one of our concert venues!
End of the joint concert with Sing'n'Swing and Sing! Choirs
Sing! Choirs sang at Ribe Camping to a great audience!